Izzi Gomez: Born for this

Pocket rocket, young gun Gomez has been climbing the ranks rather swiftly since the age of 14 when she won her first world title.

Yes you read correctly- world title holder at age 14!

Starting off in stand up paddle surfing (SUP), the 5x SUP world champ, Florida born legend proved from a young age that she is a natural winner and pretty much great at any sport she tries. Her Colombian heritage and pro tennis player father may have something to do with giving Izzi the world title winning blood that runs through her veins, we don’t know but whatever it is, there is no stopping the heights of success coming to this young woman. 

Image: courtesy of Izzi Gomez

Imagine being able to say that you are on track to winning a world title in short boarding, big wave riding AND representing your country in the 2024 Olympics?? Well with the kind of talent, ambition and mentorship that Izzi has going on, there’s no doubt she will achieve all this and more.

We weren’t joking when we said that Izzi is pretty much great at any sport she tries. Growing up, she was heavily involved in baseball, soccer, basketball and tennis. Even now at 22 years of age she doesn’t enjoy just one type of surfing, she’s talented at them all- whether it be SUP’ing, shortboarding, big wave riding and even foiling. Foiling has become something she does for fun and is still learning to master the art but says it’s perfect for small swell. 

Image: ‘Foiling’, courtesy of Izzi Gomez

One of the incredible mentors working with Izzi is World Champion big wave surfer, Paige Alms. Name a better duo, we’ll wait…

The journey of mentorship between these two powerhouse females has been captured by pro snowboarder Robin Van Gyn, as part of a documentary series called ‘Fabric: Knowledge’. The film explores the knowledge and experience of highly successful athletes such as Paige Alms and how she has now switched her focus to mentoring and preparing the next generation of female surfers to push the limits and be even better than those before. 

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Image by Steven Lippman

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