Irish Surfer Girl And Filmmaker Alice Ward: Making Waves In Female Surf Culture

Irish female surfer, filmmaker and inspirational leader: Alice Ward is setting the paces and making her mark in the female surf film industry.

Brace yourselves for yet another talented young woman to be on the lookout for. With just 2 films to her name, both have received special mentions and accolades, putting this talented woman in the running to lead female surf films.

Ebb & Flow was Alice’s first film to make it to the big screen and saw her awarded best ‘Women in Surf’ film at the Portuguese Surf Film Festival. Additionally, the film came second in the ‘Best of the Festival’ category at ‘The Her’ International Film Festival and was named ‘Best Emerging Female Director’ at The Indie Cork Film Festival.

Alice’s 2nd ever film to make it to the big screen is called ‘Other Land’ and features as part of the ‘She Surfs’ Film Festival touring around selected screens in Australia. The film features one of Australia’s golden girls: Vittoria Farmer, a Noosa local who finds herself discovering the mysticism and raw beauty of an Irish winter. 

The inspiration behind the film is embedded in the ancient roots of Ireland as Alice utilises unique perspectives, shooting from land, sea and air. Through breathtaking imagery, the age-old wonderment present at many of the Irish surf spots is displayed as well as the important representation of women’s cold water surfing, which is often under-represented in the media.

Image: Filming ‘Other Land’, courtesy of Alice Ward

Speaking about the film, Alice Ward said:

“I wanted to make this film because I am fascinated by our innate relationship with the ocean, especially in the bitter conditions of an Irish winter. I tried to create a piece of work that will engage the senses and let people feel that they themselves are experiencing the ocean alongside Vittoria, as she surfs powerful waves. The viewer, through the camera lens, will glimpse huge cliffs, rocky land, and expansive skies from the viewpoint of the surfer.”

Image: Alice and Vittoria Farmer whilst filming ‘Other Land’, courtesy of Alice Ward

Having been born and raised in Ireland, Alice has a deeply rooted connection to the Irish Atlantic ocean as she has been surfing those waters since a teen. Being fully immersed in Irish surf culture, Alice portrays the real gritty essence of what it means to be a female surfer amongst the famous emerald rolling hills and the ever cold Atlantic, which is evident throughout her work.

Originally from Dublin, Alice found herself moving a few years ago to Sligo, a seaside town where a budding female surf movement thrives. 

       “As a filmmaker, I was always looking up films and videos and there was nothing really on female surfers in Ireland… so I really thought I was such a niche but when I went to Sligo I found so many women in the water.”

Image: courtesy of Alice Ward

In an effort to inspire the female surf culture and be a leading force for good, Alice is an epic photographer as well as filmmaker. Her images of female surfers on the waves reveal a contagious sense of strength and tenacity. Her films are an ode to all things connection and ocean. 

Creating ‘Other Land’ was a complete collaboration involving a team of creatives to develop a show-stopping film that even features its very own soundtrack. In July, the film premiered in Portugal and out of 43 films, took home the award for Best Soundtrack.

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